Friday, March 1, 2013


Jack - 7 weeks old
I went in his room, quietly, hoping to steal in and back out faster than I'll be able to pull myself away.  I just need to know - need to check and make sure he's okay - as mamas are wont to do.

Tip-toeing over to his crib, I place my hand gently on his back.  I feel it.  The rhythmic rise-and-fall of his chest, signaling his breathing.  I've done this every single day since he started sleeping in his own room 3 years and 8 months ago.

I stand there, my hand frozen on his back, watching my sleeping baby.  Does he know that my heart beats for him?  That each day brings more joy than I could ever have imagined because of his presence in the world?  That I feel each triumph and struggle he faces with more intensity than I feel those emotions for my own accomplishments and challenges?

Does he know just how important he is?  That he means the whole world to the woman standing there at his side?

I wish my sweet boy a beautiful night's sleep.  I wish him to let the cares of the world drift away and dream a million happy dreams, because I dream those dreams for him.

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  1. He knows because he is connected to you! Sweet post!