About Reinventing Mommy

I am Jeanie, a 30-something stay-at-home Mom with a tendency towards dry humor and sarcasm.  I cope with the stresses of raising a child on the spectrum by writing this blog with honesty, optimism, and, as always, a touch of humor.  Sometimes, you just have to find the hilarity in life.  Also, a glass of wine every now and again helps, too.

I am known as Mommy to my son, Jack, and a 14-year old Pug named Mason, who is the antithesis of all things dog.  An expert in nothing except sleep, Mason works hard at holding his bed down on the off-chance that gravity fails.  I am also the wife of Brian, who puts up with my clumsiness, ramblings, and helps to keep this crazy mess running smoothly.

Jack is a 4-year old all-boy kind of boy.  He was diagnosed at 24 months with autism plus an alphabet soup of other special needs.  He's also been diagnosed as "friggin' adorable" by an expert - his mama.  He has an obsession with magnetic letters and numbers and spends most of his day lining them up and looking at them...very precisely, I might add.  He is a fan of Angry Birds on his iPad and will gleefully flap his hands when the slightest thing delights him.  He runs on a steady diet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Cheezits (the Scrabble ones, naturally), and cereal bars.

The days are filled with therapy appointments, doctor's appointments, sensory meltdowns, feeding challenges, plus a scattering of the things you'd expect from a 4-year old.  The days are also filled with setbacks and progress.  We are gradually getting used to the ebb and flow of life with a child on the spectrum.  It's becoming our new normal.

Life is about highs and lows, hills and valleys.  Being a Mom, I'm acutely aware of the ups and downs of parenthood and the roller-coaster ride that it is.  Having a child on the autism spectrum is more like being on a out-of-control roller-coaster, and we all lose it every now and again.  However, I think we can all agree that - whatever the destination - the trip is one hell of ride.

Join me on our journey and share the ups and downs with us.