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As the number of posts that I've published elsewhere begins to accumulate, I thought I'd consolidate them all in one place.  Click on any title to go to the original piece.  Everything is in reverse-chronological order (by month) and pieces that were syndicated have that notation.  Enjoy!

November 2012

Finding Santa (SPD Blogger Network - 11/04/2012)
One Pool, Two Pool, Old Pool, New Pool (SPD Blogger Network- 11/06/2012)
"Why Does it Take Your Kid So Long to Get On the Bus?" (Syndicated on BlogHer - 11/07/2012)
Picture People (SPD Blogger Network - 11/09/2012)
The Elf on the Shelf (SPD Blogger Network - 11/10/2012)
Thankfulness, As Experienced By a Special Needs Mom (Hopeful Parents - 11/20/2012)

October 2012

Confessions of a Preschooler (SPD Blogger Network - 10/01/2012)
Potty Training and the Sensory-Defensive Preschooler (SPD Blogger Network - 10/05/2012)
You Can Dress Him Up... (SPD Blogger Network - 10/09/2012)
Red (Hopeful Parents - 10/20/2012)
The Search for Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies (SPD Blogger Network - 10/30/2012)

September 2012

Weathered Hands (SPD Blogger Network - 09/07/2012)
Bubbles and Baby Steps: A Story of Autism and Joy (Hopeful Parents - 09/20/2012)

August 2012

Battling Worthless (SPD Blogger Network - 08/06/2012)
Numbers (SPD Blogger Network - 08/16/2012)
The Advocacy Never Ends (SPD Blogger Network - 08/24/2012)

July 2012

The Music Speaks to Him (SPD Blogger Network - 07/04/2012)
Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop (SPD Blogger Network - 07/08/2012)
Fear and Feeding (SPD Blogger Network - 07/19/2012)
Only Human (Hopeful Parents - 07/20/2012)
If Only It Came Naturally... (SPD Blogger Network - 07/30/2012)

June 2012

The "Not-So-Autism-Friendly" Autism Walk (SPD Blogger Network - 06/09/2012)
Daddy's Boy (SPD Blogger Network - 06/16/2012)
Making the Choice to Be Happy (Hopeful Parents - 06/20/2012)

May 2012

Sensory Issues and the School System (SPD Blogger Network - 05/07/2012)
Easy Like Sunday Morning (The Oxygen Mask Project - 05/08/2012)
Just Keep Swimming (SPD Blogger Network - 05/13/2012)
A Sense of Community (Hopeful Parents - 05/20/2012)
The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far (SPD Blogger Network - 05/25/2012)

April 2012

One Year Later (Hopeful Parents - 04/20/2012)
Running in the Rain (The Oxygen Mask Project - 04/27/2012)
Some Days You Break (SPD Blogger Network - 04/29/2012)

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