The Life List

Things to be done in life:
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  1. Crochet a full-sized blanket.
  2. Visit an actual Irish pub (in Ireland).
  3. Bake a cheesecake (and have it taste good).
  4. Buy a really good camera (I'm thinking Nikon D3000) and learn how to use it.
  5. Have a conversation with Jack in which he tells me about his day, about his feelings, about things in the past and what his dreams are.
  6. Have another baby.
  7. Learn a new language that I've never tried to learn before. (I'm still undecided as to which one - but it's between Mandarin, Japanese, and Italian.  I already know a bit of French, Latin, and some Spanish, so those are out.)
  8. Go back to school and study a field in which I can make a real difference in the lives of others.
  9. Gain a real sense of self-worth and not lose it.
  10. Research and make a family tree.
  11. Start running again and complete a 5K (10 K counts!).
  12. Run a half-marathon.
  13. Take hot yoga.
  14. Have a proper cup of English tea (in England, naturally).
  15. Take Jack out for be preceeded by...
  16. Teach Jack to use chopsticks.
  17. Never drive a minivan.
  18. Sew one piece of clothing and actually wear it (costumes don't count).
  19. Learn to use a sewing machine.
  20. Wear a little black dress and pull the look off!
  21. See the Aurora Borealis in person.
  22. Write a book.
  23. Make a quilt.

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